Tizanidine is

Which one of the following is associated with Osteoporosis?

Ideal shape for a Trans-Femoral Residual Limb?

Tardy Ulnar Nerve Palsy is due to

Treatment of CTEV should begin

Ideal shape for a Trans-tibial Residual Limb?

The prehensile function of a myoelectric hand simulates which grip pattern?

In a patient with an acute spinal cord injury (SCI), intermittent catheterization should be instituted

A patient presents with joint pain and swelling with symmetric involvement of the ankles, heels, spine, and sacroiliac joints with calcaneal spurs and periosteal proliferation near the involved joints. This is characteristic of the arthropathy associated with

Three weeks after a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) with basilar skull fracture, a 23-year- old patient in a rehabilitation unit develops new onset ocular pain, unilateral proptosis, and unilateral orbital vascular congestion. What is the most likely diagnosis?

In a person with a transfemoral amputation, an abnormal prosthetic gait with lateral trunk bending toward the involved side in midstance most commonly occurs with hip

Which modality should precede shoulder stretching in a patient with adhesive capsulitis?

A 22-year-old patient with mild suprascapular pain and radiation into the ipsilateral upper extremity is examined with a monopolar needle electrode at minimal voluntary contraction. In the biceps brachii, the second motor unit to fire is observed when the first noted motor unit fires at 10 Hz. These findings are most consistent with

A 40 year old manual laborer sustained a surgically visualized complete laceration of the median nerve at the wrist. However, he continues to have grade 3 strength of thumb abduction. Needle electromyography of the opponens pollicis shows abundant fibrillation potentials and reduced numbers of normal-appearing voluntary motor units. The most likely explanation of these findings is anomalous innervation of the median nerve innervated muscles via


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