What are Mosquito Control Measures?

Know about how to prevent mosquito from spreading deadly diseases like Malaria, Dengue etc

Certain mosquito spread diseases that are deadly. Dengue, Malaria, Yellow fever, Chikungunya, Filaria are just some of them. They are responsible for majority of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. But there are ways through which mosquito population can be controlled. There are three common ways to do it – Anti Larval measures, Anti Adult mosquito measures and prevention from mosquito bites.

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Target–> Larvae Adult Mosquito
Control Environmental Residual Sprays
Control Chemical Space Sprays
Control Biological Genetic

Anti Larval Measures

Environmental control method is one of the best method to limit population of larvae. It is all about eliminating places where larvae proliferate. This approach work best when whole community take part (Know more).

In Chemical method to  control larvae population, various substances are used. Most oldest of them is the use of Mineral oils like diesel oil, fuel oil, kerosene and various fractions of crude oils. When applied on water, they forms a thin film over water surface that leads to poor oxygen supply to mosquito larvae and pupae.

Paris green or copper acetoarsenite is another chemical used to control larvae population. It acts as a stomach poison.

Now Use of synthetic chemicals are more common to control mosquito larvae population. Use of Fenthion, Malathion,  Chlorpyrifos and Abate is common

The most interesting method to control larvae population is Biological method. This method usually uses variety of fishes which feed on mosquito larvae. Gambusia affinis and Lebister reticulatus are most commonly used fishes. These can be put in ponds, pits or aquariums.

Anti-Adult Mosquito Methods

The most common method to control adult mosquito population is by spraying insecticides on home walls. DDT is the insecticide of choice. It is sprayed 1-3 times a year on house walls at dosages of 1-2 grams per sq. metre.

Spraying insecticide in atmosphere (space sprays) is another method. In this method, insecticide formulations are sprayed in form of fog or mist into the atmosphere. Pyrethrum extract is commonly used. Malathion and fenitrothion are also used.

The genetic control of adult mosquito is under research. Some technique that are under research are sterile male technique and gene replacement.

Mosquito traps: This is a new age method which uses insects electrocutors. Many devices are available in market that claim that they attract and kill insects. The scientific data for effectiveness of these devices is lacking.

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